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Thursday, March 04, 2010

On a lighter note....

Dr Grumpy posted a very sad (and unfortunately familiar) story on his blog today - read it here.

Reading it, for some reason, reminded me of a joke I heard a while ago which, in the absence of anything profound or interesting to write, I reproduce here:

2 haematologists are looking down their microscopes at a bone marrow aspirate. They get very excited - it shows that the owner of the bone marrow, Mr Jones, has acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

'Quick!', one says. 'We must go and find Mr Jones, and save his life!'

They run down to the medical ward, frantically searching the bays for Mr Jones, who is nowhere to be found. They run up to the ward sister.

'Nurse! Quick! We must find Mr Jones, he has leukaemia and we need to save his life!'

'I'm sorry doctors,' says the sister. 'Mr Jones passed away.'

'No! That can't be true, we can save his life! Quick, where is he?'

The ward sister tells him that Mr Jones was taken to the mortuary. So off they run to the mortuary, and pounce on the mortician.

'Where is Mr Jones? He has leukaemia, but we can save his life!'

The mortician, mystified, tells them that he thinks Mr Jones is in the Chapel of Rest.

The haematologists burst into the Chapel of Rest, and search high and low, but there is no Mr Jones to be found. They turn to the chaplain.

'Where is Mr Jones?!'

The chaplain tells them that Mr Jones was taken to the cemetary already, and was buried that morning. Undeterred, the haematologists leave the hospital and drive at breakneck speed to the cemetary. After a bit of a search, they find Mr Jones' grave. They pick up a couple of conveniently located shovels and dig up the coffin. They prise the lid off....

The coffin is empty. In place of a body, there is a note: