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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

An update

My, it has been a long time. I'm not sure what I've been doing, really. Stuff, I suppose. There's always stuff.

Well, the march had a good turnout, didn't it? 12,000 junior docs and supporters - about 1/3 of the junior doctor workforce - pretty impressive. I was disappointed that the press coverage wasn't more impressive though - Channel Four News gave it the best airing, but failed to interview anyone from RemedyUK formally (or perhaps RemedyUK failed to get itself onto Channel Four News?). David Cameron jumped on the bandwagon for a while (I must confess to clapping during his speech - it did make me feel rather soiled though) but seems to have moved on to other things. However, Patsy has now apologised 'unreservedly' for the whole fiasco. The whole party seems to be apologising this week, not great for the polls. I think we will soon have a Tory government. There is no way in hell I could ever vote Tory however. In fact I am seriously considering spoiling my ballot for the general election unless the Lib Dems can summon some teeth before then (quite literally in the venerable Ming's case, I feel).

We are waiting to find out how exactly we are going to be given our one 'guaranteed' interview - apparently arrangements will begin next week, though they are fast running out of time to re-convene interview panels and interview an extra few thousand doctors before round two begins (I think there's still going to be a round two - to be honest I've given up trying to keep track of the whole sorry mess).

Oh, and somehow I managed to pass PACES. So it's Dr Layla MBBS MRCP now, thank heaven. What a relief that was. I have never been too scared to check my exam results before - a friend actually frog-marched me to a computer and forced me to enter my exam number. My two 'study-buddies' who took the exam with me didn't get it this time, unfortunately, which made things a bit awkward when I just wanted to jump around with a big grin on my face (makes a change from sobbing on the ward about being unemployed). Even more awkward is that I've been pressed into teaching one of them for his re-sit, which is very strange indeed.

And I finally went on holiday to somewhere hot last week with my sweetheart. It was fantastic, and I still feel relaxed despite being back and drowning in orders for platelets that never get here when they're needed (the joys of Haematology).

And I'm back on the Slim Fast (see very first post) - must fit into lovely green dress for Summer Ball in June.