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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What a night!

Coming to the end of that night shift now. Bloody hell, it was busy. Non-stop from 9pm last night until now, and of course I didn't manage to get any sleep during the day yesterday. I was hoping to stay up today and do some interview stuff but I'm totally shattered and am just going to go straight to bed when I get home, hopefully just for a few hours. I'll try and haul my arse out of bed by 3pm or so to get stuck into some serious work.

I talked things over with my other half yesterday evening, and he helped to soothe my guilty conscience a bit. Apparently if I hadn't accepted the night shift they would have had to get my colleague to do the shift himself and then go straight to his interview in the morning. I can barely see at the moment I'm so tired, so if he had done this shift prior to his interview I'm pretty sure he would have been in no fit state to perform well today. Apparently a night shift before an interview cannot be taken as 'interview leave' so a person in that situation either has to swap the shift or do it themselves.

Finding out about those rules made me feel a lot better, and having done a pretty hideous shift on behalf of my colleague makes me feel better still. I actually helped him out, and I'm glad.


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