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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Correction - this post was written on 4/3/08, not 19/2/08 as was originally given by dodgy blogspot thingie.


Can't sleep. Probably because it's four in the afternoon. I got up at 7am and went to work, but was contacted by a panicky medical staffing person at around 10am begging me to do the night shift tonight. The SHO currently on nights has an interview tomorrow, and despite the fact that he informed them of this a few days ago, they haven't found anyone to do his night shift. Actually, I'm pretty sure they hadn't looked for anyone. All fairly typical.

Why didn't I tell them to sod off? Not through any attempt at philanthropy, I'm afraid - they bribed me. I'm preparing for interviews next week (although I still haven't heard whether I've got any yet - more about this in a bit), and am doing Friday, Saturday and Sunday night shifts. So my immediate thought was, no way, this will totally screw up my interview preparation, bugger off. But then they said:

'Go home now, do the night shift tonight, then you can have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off. The other SHO (who has his interview on Wednesday) will do your night shift on Friday, so you only need to do your Saturday and Sunday nights, and we'll still give you Monday to Wednesday off next week as you would get anyway after nights.'

My interviews, if I have them, should be on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Three whole days off to prepare! Fan-bloody-tastic!

I checked with the other SHO on my firm (who had been on nights herself during my hepatitis escapade, which was the reason for all the panic about cover at that time), who said it was fine with her. I checked with the SHO with the interview, who was just grateful they weren't going to force him to come and do the night shift himself and was happy to do the Friday night. I then grabbed it with both hands and high-tailed it out of there.

I've been home since noon. I've watched Ashes to Ashes, Freaky Eaters and 2 episodes of Bizarre ER on iPlayer (the last three were complete bollocks but filled the time). I've had lunch and made Eton mess (along with an impressive mess in the kitchen). I'm going to attempt to have a nap again but I have to be up at 7pm. Ho hum.

I'm starting to feel a bit guilty and paranoid about doing this now. All I've got in my head at the moment are these interviews, the Clin Onc one in particular (if I've even got one). If I don't do well at it, I'm essentially fucked jobwise. I need to get a Clin Onc training number, in London, at this attempt. So hence when I heard the details of this 'deal' I pretty much jumped at it without thinking. I didn't check with my SpR or Consultant, not that it should matter to them as there is still an SHO covering the team and this level of cover happens regularly due to normal night shift patterns. I did check with the other SHO, but now I'm thinking it's a bit shit for her as she'll obviously be busier without me there, and she should have interviews next week as well which she's preparing for. Plus the SHO with the interview shouldn't, technically, have to do my Friday night shift in return for my doing his Tuesday night - as far as I know it should count as interview leave. But getting him to do it means that medical staffing don't have to pay me locum rate as I'm still doing three night shifts in total. Hmmm.

Well, it's done now. I just need to do this night shift and then work my arse off for the next three days. I also need some fucking interviews.

The MMC process remains ridiculous and unfair. Basically, everyone who was allocated an 'ST2' job (based, remember, on a thoroughly flawed application system - the late, unlamented MTAS) has first dibs on the SpR numbers in London (OK, OK, ST3 jobs, whatever).

A couple of weeks ago we had to rank three specialties in order of preference (despite the fact that myself and most SHOs I know only want to do one thing). We then had to fill in extensive application forms for each of these three choices in the space of a week. Fun fun fun.

The interviews for my chosen specialties take place in one week, and I've heard bugger all. No-one else that I know who has applied for those specialties has heard anything either, so I'm not too concerned. I just have no idea if I'm going to be attending one, two or three interviews next week, or none at all. I don't know which of the three quite different specialty interviews I should be preparing for, if any. There is a shitload of work to be done to prepare for each if I want to do well. I'm fed up of the uncertainty.

I'm basically only preparing for a Clinical Oncology interview, my first (and realistically only) choice. That's the one I don't want to bugger up. But I may well find that I've not got an interview for that, but have one for my second and/or third choice specialty, and have to re-prepare all over again at very short notice.

Oh bollocks. Now I feel guilty, stressed and angry. Time for a nap.


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