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Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Slim Fast Plan

Ah, the slimfast plan. So beautifully simple. A 'delicious, nutritious' milkshake for breakfast, one for lunch, and a 'proper dinner'. Or, a milkshake for breakfast, be hypoglycaemic by 11am whilst sitting in clinic and start alarming patients with your disinhibition, try and fill your stomach up with black coffee and be climbing the walls by 12pm and find that you are unable to take blood pressures because your hands are shaking too much, dash off at 1pm to have another poxy milkshake and nearly collapse from hypoglycaemia in the middle of the Consultant's afternoon round, get home at six feeling dead chuffed for making it through the day without scoffing chocolates on the ward like you normally do and looking forward to a 'proper', (but healthy and only 600 calories) dinner, then get invited out to dinner and bugger everything up by eating a whole mozzarella garlic bread, a huge bowl of spaghetti and a slice of lemon tart. And half a bottle of wine and a liqueur coffee. Sod it.


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